Saturday, February 21, 2009

3.5 Months Old

We had family visit us last weekend. It was so nice to see them and for them to meet Grant.

My sweet baby sister, Andrea, Grant and me

Life with Grant is more and more fun each day. He is 3.5 months old now and is smiling, cooing, "talking", bringing his hands together and drooling non-stop. Yesterday he had his stuffed Eeyore with him on his bouncy seat, and when it fell off, he cried instantly! It was the first time we have seen him react to a disappointment or case of cause and effect.

Grant and Daddy

Amidst our joy, I am still burdened and reminded of those who long for children each day. As sweet Sarah stated, infertility and the longing for a child is such a heavy sorrow and one on some days, as I can well remember, seems too much to bear. Infertility is such a polarity to manage. How do you surrender daily in the spiritual sense and leave it in God's hands, yet deal with the daily demands of medication, being attune to your body and all the intricacies that go along with infertility treatment? It's so hard. I continue to pray for all of you still hurting and longing and hoping.

This month, especially has brought back a lot of different memories and emotions. February was the month we found out about the UU, the month we would have had a baby if our first IUI would have worked, the month we had our first meeting with the adoption agency and the very last month of heartache before the dawn broke and we learned of expecting Grant.

We love this sweet boy. What a miracle he is!


Ashley said...

Look how cute he is! Aren't they growing up so fast? Can't wait to see you guys again. How's the schedule working?

Ashley said...

Check your email. My comment was way too long to publish on here! :)