Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Decade

A decade ago this summer, I had my first date with Josh Daws. Here are a couple pictures from the Summer of 1999. More in love today than I was 10 years ago. Blessed.

A Summer of Firsts

We took a vacation to Florida at the beginning of June to visit family. Grant did so well, even on the 10 hour car trip home.First time on an airplane. He loved it and did so well! Everyone on the plane was pleasantly surprised and told me so. :-)
First time to Tribble Mill Park in Grayson, GA. We went 6 miles that day. What a trooper!

First taste of Josh's favorite ice cream, a pineapple dole whip from Disney's Polynesian ResortFirst time at Disney's Grand Floridian. LaLa was able to get him to sleep in her arms.First time on the Monorail at Disney World. First time of many!

First time in his new float in the pool.
First time in a bubble bath.

And just because this is the cutest picture ever.

7.5 Months

I really do believe those that told me that the time flies with our babies, so enjoy it. Time has flown! I try my best to soak up every last second with my baby boy, but it still doesn't seem to be enough at the end of the day.

Each night I go in and stare at him for several minutes before I go to bed. The other night, several hours after he'd been put to bed, I swooped him up and rocked him while he was still sleeping. I couldn't help but think of the book, "Love You Forever."

Here's what Grant is up to at 7.5 months:

- Has 2 bottom teeth
- Sits up all by himself
- Rolls around in his crib
- Babbles "dada", "baba", "ghee", "hey", and "mmmm" when he's eating something he likes
- Gets up on his knees sometimes - crawling is just around the corner!
- Can put his pacifier back in by himself
- Loves food. Really anything I give him, but especially peas!
- Loves books, especially the plastic or cloth kinds
- Sits in the grocery cart and restaurant high chairs
- Plays independently with his toys
- Drinks from a sippy cup or my cup

Here are some pictures. He wouldn't let me see his teeth or show me how he gets up on his knees, but I did get some pictures this morning of him hoarding his pacis! He interchanges them all throughout the night - even while he is asleep!

And lastly, this is my very favorite part of him to kiss - the nape of his neck! Pure sugar, I tell ya!