Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, we got our first Easter family photo together. I hope to make it a tradition that we take one every year at Easter. It will be fun to see how Grant grows each year. It was such a beautiful day in the ATL. Do you know how hard it was to get him to look at the camera? Really hard.We had a great Easter serving in our church nursery called, "Waumba Land" and then went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel with a good friend.

And, Grant is still more interested in looking at the designs on his bib then eating the cereal, but I'm okay with that. Oh and have you tried these Bumkins bibs? They are fabulous! They are waterproof, rinse right off and dry in no time and they have this great velcro adjustable collar. AND you can just throw them in the washer. They are like a fabric material -- not that plastic, so you can even fold them up real easily. And they come is super cute designs. I am in LOVE with them!

Friday, April 10, 2009

5 Months Old

Grant is 5 months old today. As a celebration, we gave him rice cereal for the first time. After spitting it out at first, he seemed to love it. I used the Earth's Best Rice kind. I was really struggling giving it to him at first, because it meant he was growing up, but it turned out to not be too big of a deal.

We took video, but forgot to take a picture! So, these photos of his 5 month birthday will have to do. Happy five months, sweet baby.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Learning, Learning, Learning!

As a new mom, I am learning more each day as I try and teach Grant different things. It's all trial and error!

Right now, I am reading him four books about Easter I got in a bundle set from the Arch Books series - Jesus Enters Jerusalem - Arch Books, A Surprise in Disguise - Arch Books, Good Friday - Arch Booksand He's Risen! He's Alive - Arch Books

If you haven't heard of this book series, you must check it out. They are separate little books, each containing a Bible story. They rhyme and are short and he seems to love hearing me read them. I must confess, even I am learning the Bible stories better with the simple way they tell the stories.

I find it's best to read them when I am rocking him before his naps. It's a special time between us and is so much fun.