Monday, November 2, 2009

Savoring it

The days fly by and Grant is nearly one whole year old.

It pains me to think he won't always be this little...that his hand won't always fit in mine or that I won't always have his fingerprints on my windows and that the day will come when he won't want me to rock him to sleep any longer.

Thinking about all this also reminds me of my great responsibility to him, to make the most of every moment and training opportunity for the few years I have with him.

"Your task as a to build a man out of the raw materials available in this delightful little boy, stone upon stone. This task should be your highest priority for a period of time. It will not always be required of you. Before you know it, that child at your feet will become a young man who will pack his bags and take his first steps into the adult world." Bringing Up Boys, Dr. James Dobson

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Amber Castleberry said...

Love the quote. Makes me want to go wake up Landon just so I can hold him a little longer today. Well, almost. ;) There are so many things that I will miss...and already do.