Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yep, I'm Lopsided

I noticed the other night while I was in bed that I could feel the outline of my protruding right uterus. It was so strange. It felt like the shape it looked like in the pictures from my laparoscopy, only bigger. You can't tell any lopsidedness looking at me, but just for fun I lied down on my bed last night and looked down at my stomach. It's totally lopsided when I do that! My right uterus was completely protruding and obvious. So weird! I don't have a picture, but maybe I'll post one soon.

My belly button is also doing strange things and becoming more spread out and shallow as my skin stretches. I was like, there really is a baby in there!

Here is a picture of me taken yesterday at 19.5 weeks. Forgive my dishevelment. It was at the end of the day. :-)


~ Sabina :-) said...

oh! I love your baby belly! You are precious!

sara said...

You make a very pretty disheveled girl! Sorry about the lopsidedness. I was going to ask if you've seen that yet. 19.5 weeks, things are really moving along and that is great :-) Today when they were feeling my abdomen, the nurse goes "wow you are really left sided." Yup you and I will be the lopsided duo, how's that sound? You know if we walked side by side and leaned on each other we would straighten out. We'll have to try that, hehe!

sara said...

Today (sunday) the lopsidedness was crazy. I saw my mom and she that's funny!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the lopsidedness trippy? I find it varies in it's severity, though I am never even.