Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Plain Grateful

I sent my fertility doctor a birth announcement with a little note about how everything turned out and got a nice phone message and letter in the mail from him to Grant stating how excited he was about his arrival and how happy he was for us. I thought it was neat that it was addressed to Grant and that I can put it in his baby book.

I was able to talk with him a few minutes today on the phone and he again let me know how excited everyone was for us. The coolest part was that he had someone walk in today with a unicornuate uterus and he was able to give them hope because of our story. That made me feel so good inside because he wasn't able to do that for me. He only had horror stories to tell of women going into labor at 18 weeks and scary studies from Finland, but now he'd had a patient that he knew and had made it.

I am so, so grateful that today a woman was given hope because of what we went through -- that maybe she will replay our success over and over in her head when she is fearful because of the statistics. I wish I could have hugged her myself and shown her Grant. It warms my heart to think that she walked out of there full of hope and not despair and once again makes what we went through worth it all over again.


Sheilah said...

That is awesome. God is so good!
I'm grateful with ya! Grant is already being used by God!

EAJan678 said...

What an awesome answer to prayer - God has a huge future planned for your little guy!

The Walkup's said...

Praise God, He is so GOOD! Thanks for sharing your story Becca. Miss seeing you in the mornings. Come visit sometime soon!

sjefferson said...

Becca, thanks again for meeting up with us! It was such an encouraging lunch to hear your story of faith and see Grant. Seeing him is such a witness to how BIG our God is!!

sara said...

Such a great post. I am so thankful we got our little miracles.