Sunday, January 25, 2009

Minivan Momma

Josh and I recently purchased a 2006 Honda Odyssey! Our beloved 1996 Toyota Avalon's transmission finally gave out again at 281,000 miles. I love this car and will miss it so much! I would have driven it another 100,000 miles if she would have let me!

We love our van and are proud to say that we saved up and paid cash for it. Here's a huge thanks to Dave Ramsey and The Total Money Makeover book which helped us to get out of and stay out of consumer debt. We heard Dave speak several years back and his principles have changed the way we spend and save money. It was literally life changing for us.

Here is Grant's (and our) new ride!

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EAJan678 said...

Yeah for minivan mammas!

And yeah for 'freeeeedoommm' the Dave Ramsey way!!