Sunday, August 2, 2009

8 Months Old

Grant is more and more fun each day! He is the absolute joy of my life. I love being this blue-eyed boy's mama!

Here is what he is up to at 8 months:

- Says and signs "all done" or "ah da!" It's more of a jerking motion with his arms, but it works!
- Eats Gerber Puffs and Cheerios and LOVES the puffs.
- Lunges forward for toys he wants with both legs and lands on tummy.
- Very vocal and "talkative"
- Top two fang teeth are coming in
- Has become attached to his blankie (seen in picture below)

In other news, Josh and I have started training for a 10K we will run in October, so Grant will be tagging along with us in his jogging stroller. Let's just say I'm looking forward to some cooler weather. Whoo hoo!


The Walkup's said...

He is so precious!!!!

Misty said...

I really enjoyed meeting you at Jenny's graduation party in May. That is neat that Grant signs some. I am sure that Sheilah will teach him more signs. :)

sara said...

His eyes are just so beautiful - you can tell that he smiles with his eyes :-) Congrats on training for the run...that's great!

Elizabeth said...

What a gorgeous baby boy!