Sunday, September 13, 2009


One of my favorite movies is "Summer Magic". I think this sweet song from it sums up our big news:

It's time for flitterin'
Dusting off the trunk and flitterin' far
Where the grass is greener
Now and then, comes the time again, for flitterin'

We'll soon be packing up
Stacking up our dreams and bric-a-brac for
Some destination

Don't know where, but we're going there
We're flitterin', again

New places, new faces
New friendships will start
While old places, old faces
Stay dear to our heart

As we go flitterin'
Following a rainbow, flitterin' bright
Over the horizon

Maybe then and maybe there

We'll settle down and never care
For flitterin' flitterin' flitterin' again

So, Josh, Grant and I are headed for Los Angeles, CA in January 2010! Josh's dream and career goal is to be a film director, which he already is having written, produced and directed his first feature film, Dangerous Calling, with his brother Jeremiah.

We have prayed for many years about the timing to head out to LA, and it seems now is the time. We are excited at the opportunities that await living where the industry is.

Of course I am sad to leave my beloved Atlanta. I truly love living here. The weather is beautiful and I love the changing of seasons to behold here. The Fall is my absolute favorite. It's so gorgeous here during that time. More than all of that, I will miss all my sweet friends. I will miss you all so very much. I am counting on many visits from all of you!

As for my sweet Grant? He's game. A California boy he shall be. He even offered to help Mama pack!

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What a great picture, you should frame that one!