Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dang You, Cyst!

**Dear gigantic cyst on my left ovary: Thanks so much for hanging around, but I think you are confused. You aren't going to ovulate and it's time for you to leave and give all the other follicles a chance. Thanks, Becca

I started my period on Sunday -- on cd 21. I think that's a first for me. Needless to say I spotted almost the entire cycle and didn't ovulate. I knew something was going on when I last wrote about calling the nurse.

She thought I was pregnant.

I knew better.

SO...I was not entirely surprised to find out that I have a GIGANTIC cyst on my ovary. Two of the cysts were gone but the third just got bigger. Great. Kind RE said I must now go on birth control to help shrink it. How ironic.

My husband says what was MORE ironic is the fact that the fertility drugs I am taking to help me get pregnant are what caused the cyst which is forcing me to get on birth control which will prevent me from getting pregnant. Yeah.

I mentioned to Kind RE how it seemed to be one obstacle after another, and he gave me a pep talk about how all his patients had obstacles or they wouldn't be there. "You'll appreciate your baby more now, once you get it."

You better believe it, doc.

So, I get a bit more of a vacation for the next three or four weeks while I go on birth control. There's something strangely calming about knowing I have not a chance to conceive this month. It takes a lot of the pressure off.

**Kate --

I haven't heard about the Omega 3-6-9, but I sure will look into it! Where do you get that?

Where are you guys on fertility friend?

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kate said...

on FF, there's a group of UU girls there too :) I'm also in an Omega group - and were on the TTC over 12 month board... look down in the groups, it's a pretty active group. I bought my Omega 3,6,9 at GNC, and it's by Nordic Naturals - that's what most everyone is using. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon a month or so ago after a woman posted that she took it, ovulated much earlier, and got pg ;) Now, we aren't delusional thinking this is the answer - but I was SUPER SHOCKED when I ovulated 4 days earlier last cycle!! I am convinced it's from the omegas. Some that have taken it haven't noticed any differences, but MANY have improved ovulation and luteal phases!!! I can't explain it - it just works... we started the buddy group to see what comes of all of us taking the omegas and to see if they're truly worth it! I hope to ovulate even earlier this cycle, say, cd 14 ;) which is next week... so I'll let you know!