Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, just when I thought that all the people who have insensitive and insulting things to say lived in my prior world of infertility, I was proven wrong.

So I'm at the grocery store today just trying to pick out the Cheerios I want from the 18 different flavors offered. A nice stock boy asks me if I know what I'm having. A nosy, insensitive woman enters stage right.

Stock boy: Do you know what you're having?

Me: A boy.

Stock boy: I want a boy.

Woman in aisle: Oh! No, no ... you don't want a boy (disgustingly, like boys are some sort of disease). You want a girl! I had a girl...girls are just so ahhh...(she trails off longingly).

Um...Hmmm. She had just heard me say I was having a boy. Why on Earth would someone be so insensitive to say something like that in front of someone who just said that?!

Wonders never cease.


Anonymous said...

Oh the stupid just never stops. And it always has that extra sting in it after infertility.

I got a dose of it just yesterday, from an OB. She said that when she did u/s she liked to declare that the baby had a brain and must therefore be a girl. Knowing we have a boy and are having another. With my file on her desk containing words such as "4yrs of infertility" and "IVF" and "high risk" and so on.

sara said...

Hmm, too bad you couldn't have replied that, "well it's obvious not all girls are better - you would know being one of those yourself" to her. But gee wizz I'm sorry for the stupid a-s comment. I swear do some people crawl out from under rocks or something? Maybe she was dropped on her head often growing up? Some of life's mysteries we will never know. Hugs to you and if I was there I would had beat her up for you! Well, I've never beat anyone up, but I would have tried :-)

Anonymous said...

good grief

Misti said...

Yikes!! Of course, since this woman only has a girl she doesn't realize that cleaning a boy's poopie diaper is much easier then a girl's :) You are going to love having a boy and make a great boy's mom. I can't wait to meet him!!