Wednesday, July 30, 2008

24 Week Check-Up

I've been sufficiently checked on today. I had my glucose test, thyroid, cervix and baby checked. Whew!

First, the glucose nasty drink has given me a headache and I feel all strange still. Yuck.

I've gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks -- only supposed to have gained 4. That makes me sad. I need to watch it. Total weight gain is now 13 pounds. I've found that my hips have spread out which also makes me sad. Is that normal?

My cervix was great measuring 4.7 cm (yay!) and the baby is estimated to be around 1 pound, 8 ounces and is in the 48th percentile. The u/s tech said my fluid levels were low and to drink more water, but the doctor told me it was fine and that at any time the fluid levels fluctuate because the baby is constantly swallowing it and peeing it out. I am still downing the water now though.

I stopped by the fertility doctor's office and said hi to everyone. The doctor was very kind and seemed to appreciate the update. My OB told me at my appointment that he had stopped by a couple weeks ago and asked how I was doing. I thought that was very thoughtful considering how many patients he must see -- that he remembered me and which OB I was going to.

Here are some pictures of me from today at 24 weeks! I've finally gotten the courage up to show my bare belly. :-)


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!

sara said...

You look gorgeous girl! That shirt is totally cute - and you look so tiny and have the perfect little belly! It was great to hear an update and I'm glad everything went perfect at the ultrasound :-) How are you feeling?

sara said...

I'm definitely up for chatting again - it would be such a nice thing to do again. I can't believe how things are progressing along as well - I'm so happy for you sweetie!

Steve and Bianca Giddens said...

you look beautiful, becca! :)