Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Yeah, we're trying!"

I got my hair done today. It's always a treat to get somebody else to blow out my thick hair! Anyway, my male hair stylist asked me, "So, are you going to try and get pregnant soon?" I've gone to him for years, so I guess he's probably thinking it's about time. I just responded with a, "Yeah, maybe." He then went further. "So, you are thinking about it?" I repsonded, "Um, yeah, we'll see." I just didn't want to get into my fertility issues with my 3o something hair guy. I'm usually a pretty open book, but can you imagine? "Yeah, I basically have been trying for two years and found out I have half a uterus and PCOS. Oh, and a thyroid problem. We've spent more than half of our savings getting my husband's swimmers placed in me with a doctor's help and I've had surgery too! So, yeah, I guess you could say we're trying!" I don't think so. I think he might have gotten a little more than he bargained for had I been totally honest. Anyway, my hair looks great. Ha!

Well, I am 13 days into this cycle and no sign of ovulation yet. I thought I was going to early, but no dice. I am praying my dysfunctional ovaries will get with the program and work on their own this month. I secretly kind of like the occasional month of no fertility drugs just to see if those suckers will actually work on their own given my mild case of PCOS. I did ovulate on my own back in Mar/Apr and it was thrilling. Sad, I know, but I practically threw a party. My fellow PCOSers will know what I mean!

I am enjoying my month off of treatment immensely, although I still think about it and what to do next just about every second. I know the day will come when this stuff is a distant memory and I am not in pain, but right now, I am full-fledged in that season.

But, I know it's just a season. It's just a season.


electriclady said...

Hi, I just wanted to answer the questions you posted on my blog. Re: Follistim, yes, my doctor was pretty optimistic about it working. My big problem was ovulating--because of my age (32 at the time) he felt my egg quality was probably fine, and my husband's sperm was good, so the hard part was just getting them together.

First I had 3 tries on Clomid at increasing dosages and every time I either didn't ovulate or developed only one follicle on my left (tubeless) side. The right side seemed a bit lazier, so we went to Follistim in order to jack up both ovaries enough that the right one would finally respond (though I was very nervous about getting TOO many follicles and conceiving multiples!). And it worked!

I don't know if I ever ovulated on my own from the good side prior to this. I'm not positive I ever ovulated on my own at all, despite all the charting I did, and I had very long (42-72 days) cycles.

Hope that helps!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! It is so helpful to find others with similar problems. Though I wish none of us had these problems, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

kate said...

Hi E!

I don't know if you're on fertility at all... but a group of us recently started taking Omega 3-6-9 complete - and have had amazing results. Ha, of course I'm not pregnant yet, but I ovulated SEVERAL days earlier than I ever have before - if you read about the omegas on the net, you'll see that it helps regulate hormones, especially those that come into play with PCOS! I'm hoping for an even earlier ovulation this cycle - I'll know in about 7 days ;) hugs as always - it all sucks...

btw, what's the link to the blog for electric lady? :) I'd love to read her story...

kate said...

oh, forget that ;) I read citygirl all the time! She's one lucky girl... I wish it had been so easy for me, but that sure gives me hope that it DOES happen :)