Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tales from the Hair Dresser's Chair, Part II

Well everyone, my hair dresser has come up with the solution for my and everyone else's fertility problems. If you're new to my blog, this isn't the first time he's inquired about my ability to have children.

So, I'm sitting there. He says, "What are you doing today?" I say, "I'm going to go home and play in the snow."

"You need kids!" "You'd be a great mom!" Silence.

"Do you want kids?" "Yes."

"Does your husband want kids?" "Yes."

"Have you been trying?" "Yes."

"For a long time?" "Yes."

Now, at this point, you'd think he'd back off right? Wrong.

"Well, my friend (doesn't it always start out that way?) so and so -- he and his wife -- tried for two and a half years and it just finally happened. I'm convinced all it takes is a bottle of cheap wine and a Def Leppard record."

Um. Are you serious? Did you really just say that to me? I've got to say, out of all the advice I've gotten, that's got to be the most original. Gosh, the money and time I would have saved! I just wish I'd asked him first before spending all that money at the fertility specialist!

It's amazing to me how many people offer their advice after finding out you're having problems conceiving. As if we need more advice and guilt. Keep your mouths shut and listen. That's all we want. I guarantee we've thought about whatever you are going to suggest and no, it's not about relaxing and not being stressed. I've had plenty a vacations and relaxed times. Infertility is not a state of mind.

"Most people I've known make an appointment with a specialist and get pregnant right before they go!"

"Uh huh."

Now mind you, this is a 35 year oldish male. This was uncomfortable. I was not getting into my fertility problems with him.

"Keep trying!"

Oh the ignorance of it all. I quickly changed the subject.

So, there you have it people. All it takes is a bottle of cheap wine and a Def Leppard record. Look out fertility clinics of the world, you may just be put out of business.

I never knew that wine and some Leppard could magically make me have a whole uterus. Wow.

I was assaulted one last time by a clerk that day when I stopped by the vitamin store on the way home. "Stress kills off everything in your body. Don't stress if you want to get pregnant." Do you know that saying that makes me stress about having stress?

Thank goodness for advice. Where would we infertiles be without it?


YA said...

Oh I hear you... I have heard all those stories too about so and so... Oh relax....Yeah right..

I have had 2 comments that really hurt, one guy said "well maybe your not meant to have a kid" my response to him was "Then why do you have one?"
The other was from a guy at work he said "You must owe a debt to god, and that is why you can not have a baby" Say what!!! I am sorry but the god that I grew up would not keep giving me a baby then taking it back....oh he cahnged his mind...yeah whatever.

Some people just don't understand and never will. Just ignore them and keep the HOPE.

K77 said...

Well shit, I could've saved myself the drugs, the surgeries, the alternative therapies, the IVFs, and probably the sperm donor all in favour of a cheap bottle of plonk and crappy music.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, wine will do that? Maybe I should drink a lot more! My coworker tells me that you never know what can happen no matter how much I insist it is impossible for me to become pg without assistance. It's really annoying b/c yeah, it's not like the other half of my uterus is suddenly going to develop or my cauterized tube will straighten itself out and become reconnected. Riiiiight.

Oh, I'm outside of Raleigh in NC. I'm about 2 hours from the coast and 3-4 hours from the mountains. It's a great location!

sara said...

Hey girl...just wanted to say hi. Hope you're having a great week so far! Today I had some day 13 lab work..I guess my LH is rising good enough on the last ditch femara so we'll do an ultrasound and HCG shot tomorrow depending on what things look like. Hopefully there's some follicle on my left connected side because then we can do an IUI wednesday! Wish me luck! I'm trying not to get too hopeful..but I still feel like a kid on Christmas hoping Santa brings a good present...

lots o hugs...

sara said...

Hi Becca,

I'm still not trying to get too hopeful..but I actually responded better to Femara than clomid. Three big follicles on my left connected side and we did an IUI today. Wish me luck girl! And I didn't have any cramping afterwards either..what a relief!

Have you guys gotten any more snow lately? I was going to drop you and email instead of commenting here..and I can't seem to find your email address from before. Do you mind sending it to me? Hope you're having a great night! I'm off to watch my DVR recorded Cashmere Mafia from last week...I've gotten hooked recently :-)

lots o hugs,

gracechild said...

i hope you at least got a fantastic haircut for putting up with that rubbish

HairDesignerTV said...

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