Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mid-Cycle, Round 3

I went in today for my cd 12 ultrasound. I thought something was up (or not up, as it turns out) because I wasn't having the same signs in my body at this time last month. After all, I had an IUI on cd 12 last month!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I have 2 follicles, one on each side, that only developed to 1.1 centimeter each!! Ugh! Dang you, ovaries! ;-)

So, the doc wants to "juice up" those 2 follicles with Follistim tonight and tomorrow, and then I'll go back on Friday to see what happened. They do think that they will grow. I pray so too.

He was generally negative on my UU condition today. He gave me the grim statistics again, low pregnancy rate, high miscarriage rate and complications later on in pregnancy potentially. He swings all over the place with his opinion it seems.

I WILL NOT give up hope if it kills me.


kate said...

Love the photos :) Good to put a face to the blog ;) So will this be your first follistim/inject round? If so, best wishes, it's really a breeze! I hope to hear good news soon about nice big follies.

Brave China Doll said...

This was my first round. I was on Femara, and the first two times, I did really well on it. Then this time, they didn't want to grow.

What is your UU story, what sort of fertility treatments did you do and are you still trying?