Saturday, July 28, 2007

I had my ultrasound yesterday which revealed that the follicle on the right developed to 1.2 cm and the follicle on the left was 1.5 cm. I was told to continue the Follistim at 75 iu and give myself the trigger shot tomorrow at noon. They do think that both will release. I'll never know, though. ;-).

Strangely enough, after the doctor was so adamant about me only getting one follicle, he said if we did it again he would do all injectables. I have been doing Femara only, up until mid-cycle this time, when the follicles were so small still.

It's a big decision because it's so much money. Decisions, decisions.

Dr. S did say that my lining was really good and that many women with my anomaly can't make a lining like I did. So, that's good news!

Kate -- There isn't a way to reply back to you directly, so I am going to start replying to your comments in my comment section. :-)

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kate said...

hahaha, I'm surprised it won't let you email me directly or send a message. If you'd like, I'm kjurasevich @ gmail dot com ;) Anyhow, that's great news about your follies! I can't remember if you're a right or left UU, but I hope the 15mm is your good side. But in any case, looks like good chance this time :) In my case, I look back and find it very interesting how cautious my dr was all the time, saying thing like how dangerous injects would be with a UU, and how we only want one good follie.... I think they do that to protect themselves more than anything else. I'm on a break right now, but if I decide to seek treatment again, he's much more agressive these days. So, I wouldn't worry if you have two follies... I think that's great news :)