Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's an investment -- yeah that's it

That is the advice I got from a friend the other day. And it's good advice. It really is. After lamenting to her over forking all that money over with no guarantee in the end, she offered that advice. It did help me put things in perspective, but, nonetheless, somehow, handing over my wallet tomorrow for my first installment of treatment stings like you wouldn't believe.

I liken my monthly journey to a roller coaster ride, Expedition Everest, at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's an intense ride that creeps up slowly at the beginning and has many turns, ups and downs and when you least expect it, changes directions out of nowhere. It's a ride that's fun and exciting for the first few times, but after a few whirls around the track, it's not as exhilirating anymore. You need a break cause your head hurts. I've ridden the coaster 18 times in a row. That's 18 whirls of ups and downs. Couple that with the scary Yetti out of nowhere (or in my analogy, a freaky, scary diagnosis thrown at you from out of nowhere) and it makes for one weary soul. When do I get to ride It's a Small World for a while?

Hey, does that one have a fast pass?

So, all aboard! The roller coaster has careened into the loading dock once again -- (yes, you guessed it) and I am jumping on again.

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