Thursday, May 31, 2007

My first IUI

Today was the big day. I had the procedure done at 11am this morning. 49 million swimmers and all went well.

Dr. S came in and proclaimed that everything looked great -- endometrium, follicle, etc. He asked me if I was ready and I replied yes. "Let's get you pregnant," he exclaimed. He gave the swimmers a quick "get to work guys" and within 2 minutes, it was over. I asked him if he thought the uterus would be conducive to implantation and he gave a very non-committal "it's going to do what it's going to do, but I am less concerned because there is only one follicle." I'll take that! He genuinely seemed liked he hoped and wanted this to work for us.

As he and the nurse left, I was told to stay put for 15 minutes. As we listened to the timer ticking away, I felt so humiliated. Had it really come to this? A doctor just artificially did something that was supposed to be private and special. Instead, I was in a medical setting in a very vulnerable situation waiting for a timer to ding. My heart might as well been out on the table too. I must say though it was humiliating, I would have had it no other way. After 18 months of trying on our own unsuccessfully, I am ready to move on and get closure one way or another. This is our reality and the steps God has directed us to.

I am excited and hopeful. I choose to be joyful in hope! Now on with the wait. Boy do I love that word. :-)

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