Sunday, May 6, 2007

Something goes right!

So, I ovulated on my own, on day 18 which is no short of a miracle for my PCOS self! In the past, when I have ovulated, I always did so on day 21 or so, so this is huge. I would ovulate on day 18 or so on drugs. Being able to do this drug-free is so encouraging. Because I am a thin PCOS person with only a mild case, it's likely that I can ovulate on my own. So thankful!

Now if I could only get pregnant on my own too. So, with that ovulation having happened, I know I'll start fertility treatment in less than 2 weeks. I am so indifferent about this whole process because it's more invasive and VERY expensive. My insurance doesn't cover these treatments and they hit the pocket book pretty dang hard. It's the next logical step though. I just pray that we don't spend thousands of dollars on these treatments and at the end have nothing to show for it.

So, so long to our summer vacation to Disney World. It just doesn't seem fair. Not only does infertility take over your life, it steals your money too. And we infertiles need a break from reality more than anyone.

Oh well, it's all worth it if it means I can be a mommy. I'd take that over ever being able to take a vacation again.

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