Monday, June 18, 2007

Round 2

I went to the doctor today to start round 2 of IUI's. Everything was fine and they counted 12 follicles on each side. I overheard the nurse talking to the doc on the phone about how to proceed next with me. (He is on vacation.) We will do the same thing as last month, I guess since I responded so well.

I came armed with a list of questions that I intended to leave for him for when he got back, but to my delight, the nurse said they talk to him multiple times a day and she would ask him for me. Nice vacation! Oh well, I guess in this business, you have to be available. It's amazing to me how things are so different the more money that you pay for things -- I would never get that kind of care at my primary doc's office.

So, the nurse called me within a couple of hours with the answers to my questions. She was almost apologetic telling me that Dr. S. would have rather called me himself and would have because he likes to be available to his patients, but he was going to have to go out of town for a family emergency. Would it be okay if she told me the answers and if I wasn't satisfied, he'd talk with me when he returned? Okay, so how nice and RARE is that? On his vacation! I totally heart Dr. S. The nurse said he has like a photographic memory and remembers just about everything about everyone, so I totally felt confident in his answers.

So, for my fellow UUers -- here is what I asked:

1. Should I do more than the traditional 3 IUI's because of the fact I have a tube that goes nowhere that eggs could be going up? Yes, he would recommend 5 before going on to more aggressive treatment.

2. If I ovulate on the left, should we proceed with IUI anyway? Absolutely. The ovaries and tubes sit so close together, that when you ovulate an egg, it doesn't immediately get sucked up into the adjacent tube, rather it floats around in this fluid in a pool and then it goes into a tube. Either could easily pick it up.

I feel a whole lot better today with those nagging questions being answered.

And to Kate, my first commenter -- thanks so much for your sympathy and encouragement! I was trying to figure out a way to reply to you, but didn't succeed. :-)

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kate said...

HI there :) It's kate again!

Great questions to ask your dr! It sounds like you've got some great follicle response so far. Unfortunatly for me, in all of my IUI cycles my bad ovary side always dominated. Twice we canceled the cycle :( Even when we'd get mature follies on my good side, my left was always stronger... and I think that's why we never had success. I hope you get great resonse on your good side - I think that will give you the best chances :)