Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My second IUI

So, I am shocked to report that I had my second IUI today on cd 12! It has been one crazy day. I took an OPK that was expired yesterday, so took another one yesterday afternoon. The line was so close, I couldn't call it. But, my body was showing all of the signs, so I took another one this morning. The lines were the same color. Panic. I called the office and they had me come in. We did any ultrasound and it appeared that I hadn't ovulated yet. Whew.

Right before I went to the doctor again, I tested my urine and the line was now darker than the control line. We had the IUI this afternoon. 49 million swimmers again and one nice follicle on the right side. He said my body was responding well to everything.

The doctor really thinks it going to happen one of these days, and that it's just a matter of time. That made me feel good. He even said while he was doing the IUI that "It's going to happen now or sometime in the future, but it's going to happen."

I asked him what was causing my infertility and he said it was both the PCOS and the UU. He said normally it would take a PCOS person 2 or 3 cycles to become pregnant with no other factors, but of course I have the UU, so it might take me longer.

He also explained to me about the whole left side, right side ovulation thing and said it didn't matter. He also said that an LH surge isn't like a light switch. It is something that surges over a period of time, so there's no way to pinpoint when the actual ovulation takes place. I guess that would explain why the line kept getting darker.

So, that was my fun for today!

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kate said...

best wishes to you - my fingers are crossed that this is it for you :)