Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Busy Becca"

Right ovary: a bunch
Left ovary: a bunch
E2: Soaring!

Yeah, let's just say the nurse called me "Busy Becca" when she came in this morning to give me my follicle report. I have a ton. Thank you, PCOS.

It has been a very tense couple of days. I knew this process would be intense, but not this intense. I have been in the fertility clinic every morning this week since Monday, and tomorrow will be no exception. When you're on this strong of fertility drugs and when you have PCOS like I do, you have to be monitored very, very closely.

Yesterday, more follicles came on the board and then today, even more. The good news is I have a couple of lead follicles, and the ones that are small and have recently come on board, probably won't mature and release. I was scared to death that we were going to have to cancel because of having so many follicles. I was almost in tears this morning. To have spent this much time, effort and money without being able to complete the cycle would be devastating.

This ovulation induction business is such a game. I go in each morning at 8am for an ultrasound and blood work. In the afternoon, the nurse calls me and tells me what the doctor wants to adjust my dosage to and what my E2 level is. I have done that each day. This morning, however, the nurse said Dr. S would want to talk to me at this point. I walked out of the ultrasound room absolutely thinking they were going to cancel the cycle.

I was catatonic most of the day, staring at my computer screen, trying to get some work done, and keep it together. I was sick to my stomach and emotionally drained, bracing for the worst.

The doctor called me at 3pm and said that he felt the risk was minimal of multiples (what we're afraid of), that things were looking pretty good and to dial the dosage down to 50 IU and come back in the morning for more blood work. The game I was talking of before is trying to get the bigger follicles to still grow and hoping the smaller ones don't catch up.

He told me I was a "very brave little lady" and that "he was proud of me for sticking it out so long." Again, a fabulous, compassionate doctor. I'm very lucky.

Physically, I just feel strange. I know exactly where my ovaries are -- I'll tell you that, and my emotions are all over the place (thank you, Follistim). My E2 level was high, but the doctor said that was the PCOS speaking. And, I think they've run out of places to draw blood from me.

I'll know more tomorrow.

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