Tuesday, October 9, 2007

CD 7

Right ovary: 1.2 cm, 1.0 cm
Left ovary: 1.1 cm, 1.0 cm
E2: 1222 (Yikes!)

I'm to keep dosage at 100 IU and return tomorrow. Nurse said not to worry about E2 yet.

I feel like a stuck pig. Nurse tried to stick me in left arm and that didn't work, so I got stuck again in the right arm. My arm is bruised and I'm running out of spots to get stuck. Between the shots in the stomach and the blood draws from my arms, I look like a flippin' junkie. I have marks everywhere.

Do people really get pregnant without getting ultrasounds everyday, giving themselves shots and spending thousands of dollars? And to think I used to think OPK's were expensive and inconvenient. Sheesh.

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