Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What To Do?

I started my period yesterday (finally!) and had my ultrasound today. Dear old cyst is still there, but dramatically smaller. It went from 5.3 cm to 1.4 cm. Not bad for a months time, I guess.

So, a nurse came in who isn't my normal nurse and took my blood. She couldn't find a good vein, so I offered the other arm. It hurt so badly -- not the initial prick, but as the blood was coming out. Then, she gave me a piece of paper with my cycle instructions on it, and I was like, huh? I told her that this cycle was all out of pocket and I was concerned about the cyst. She told me Dr. S would look at the ultrasound picture and blood work and absolutely give me his opinion on what I should do -- that he wouldn't tell me to do it unless he was really confident about it. She thought it would be fine because it was so small. So, I didn't get to see or talk to the doctor and I left frustrated because I had no answers on what to do.

The nurse called me back at 4:45 p.m. and said Dr. S looked at the ultrasound picture and said, "Boy, this looks a whole lot better than it did." She said he looked at it for a long time and said he absolutely thought I should go ahead and felt very confident that it would be fine. She told him I wanted a "perfect" cycle and he said unless the blood work comes back strange, we should move forward. SO, I was really happy that she called. I'm going to wait to hear on my blood work and then ask that the doctor call me so I can ask him a few questions and be assured of moving forward.

So, if all goes well, I'll start injections Friday. 13 follicles on the left ovary, 11 on the right.

Let the party begin.

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Elizabeth said...

I hope you get to start injections today! Did your bloodwork come back ok?