Friday, October 5, 2007

Dial it up, baby! (The Follistim that is)

The nurse called earlier and said my E2 levels were fine and that the cyst appeared to be on its way out. They see these all the time and it will be fine.

I spoke with the doctor this afternoon. I got him right before he leaves for vacation for 2 weeks. I was in the parking lot of the pharmacy when he called getting ready to drop the money for the very expensive Follistim.

I'll tell you, my RE is the nicest, friendliest doctor I have ever met. His bedside manner is second to none. When he called, he said, "Becca? Hi! This is your friendly neighborhood doctor!" We chatted about his upcoming vacation and he later asked me what I was doing this weekend. What a nice guy. The other thing I like about him is he is very honest.

I began the conversation explaining the cyst. Not having my chart in front of him, I figured with hundreds of patients, he would need me to review. But he didn't. The man has an unbelievable memory. I remember one of the nurses telling me one time it was like photographic. Not only did he remember the huge cyst, he remembered the exact size it shrunk down to and that he had put me on the pill last month for it.

He basically told me that he wasn't concerned about the cyst. He told me if the cycle didn't work, he wouldn't attribute it to the cyst -- he would attribute it to a tubal issue. He thinks that the reason nothing has worked so far could be because there is something functionally wrong with the one good tube I have. He's told me this before. Yes, the tube is open and looks good, but it must do more than just be open. It must "squirt stuff" and be able to move the egg down the way to the uterus. It's something that they can't test for, though. There's just no way to be sure. So, it's an educated guess.

He said it was so much money to do an all injections, and said he'd almost tell me to just do IVF and bypass the whole tube mystery. I explained it would be a while before we could do IVF, so he agreed that it was worth a try.

So, we're going to do it. Guns blazing, full force, give-it-everything-I've-got -- here I come. I am determined to have a positive attitude.

I started with Follistim 150iu and will continue through the weekend. Monitoring on Monday morning.

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